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Just sign it and get it off your desk

Now the industry got smarter. They realized there were physicians who signed these forms readily without any scrutiny. These were the doctors they wanted. Soon they realized you could send documents to certain practitioners who would unknowingly sign for things they never ordered and even for patients they had never seen. Believe me, it happens! Read More 
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The evil form

Now the home healthcare industry had a new problem: getting physicians to do these forms. So they made them easier by filling them out before sending them to the doctor to sign. Now the doctor had the choice of reading this wordy document (often several pages of small print) or just signing the “damn thing” and sending it back. Read More 
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The ever growing form

How can this be?! In order for Medicare to pay for a service like home healthcare, it must be ordered by a physician and its indication (why it needed and what is the evidence) must be specifically documented. Once upon a time, the physician wrote a simple prescription, but as time went by, Medicare decided it was more prudent to get more specific and detailed. Now the simple prescription became various forms longer and more complicated with each passing year. Read More 
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