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Ice Boats

As with all eight books of the Allard Series, Book Three begins with a scene from the present, in this case an iceboat scene on Lake St. Clair. Growing up in the 1950’s on this diminutive body of water in the chain of Great Lakes, I could not write about the area without including this magical craft. In my life I have had some thrilling experiences, but I remember a ride in my father’s iceboat as the most thrilling by far. I even included a possibly anachronistic scene in the body of the book. Read More 
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Book Three Peace and War -Pierre

Young Pierre Allard is completely Canadian. For his generation, France is only a word heard on rare occasions in tales of days long past. The Allard family has continued its close relationship with the Algonquin family of old Henri. His grandson, Joseph has married a girl with an Algonquin mother and French trapper father making the family metis or mixed blood as they take on the family name of de Baptiste. His son, Toussaint will become the lifelong friend of young Pierre Allard. Read More 
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The Allards Book Three: Peace and War--Trailer:

The Allards Book Three: Peace and War follows the Allard family from 1725 to 1761. Opening on the Peace of Utrecht, French Quebec is enjoying a peaceful and productive period. The lack of hostilities in Europe has resulted in tranquility in the colony where he habitants can tend their fields and enjoy life. Unfortunately life in the wilderness is generally not so tranquil for long when a great plague robs many families of their children. Ultimately the peace ends in 1750 with renewed hostilities across the sea which will spread westward across the Atlantic resulting in the ultimate fall of French Canada to the British in 1760.  Read More 
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Cadillac goes to New Orleans

Some years later, the boys unite with Antoine one last time for the longest voyage of all, from Quebec to the Gulf of Mexico where they set Fort New Orleans and rescue a runaway slave named Tom, whose descendants will follow the Allard Series up to the American Civil War and beyond.
Now we’ll return to Quebec for a while and follow the Allards to the French and Indian War in Book Three: Peace and WarRead More 
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