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Nuns Arrive

Nuns arrive in Canada
1634-Return to the New World: More nun tales.
Included in the few Nuns who come to the new world are a few ladies who will become icons of Canada. Marie Guyart, known as Marie de l’Incarnation became head of the Ursuline Convent. Françoise Langlois helped her learn the ways of Canada and its natives, taking her on a voyage to stay in an Algonquin camp. Sister Marie Forestier was one of the three Augustinian Nursing nuns. Françoise takes her on a trip to an Algonquin camp where they arrive just following a brutal Iroquois raid, requiring the young nursing sister to use her novice skills to treat and save a number of braves as Françoise and these two French sisters become best friends. Read More 
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Bring in the Nuns

Nuns come to Quebec
1634-Return to the New World: Bring in the Nuns:
The religious needs of Quebec had been handled since the beginning by Priests and Brothers mainly Jesuits, unlike the rest of the Catholic world, Nuns were absent. Not until July, 1639 did the ship Saint-Joseph arrive with the first religieuse in Canada. Two groups stepped off onto North American soil: Three Augustinian nuns in their gray habits to run the hospital, and three black habit-wearing Ursulines to teach. As anyone who has attended Catholic school will know, Canada would never again be the same. Read More 
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The Beaver Wars

He caused all that trouble!
Don’t forget The Beaver Wars is now available in print and on Kindle from Amazon.com. Those of you who have finished 1634-Return to the New World can get to work finding out what happens to Françoise. Those of you who have not yet finished, you can order it now–just don’t peek Read More 
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More Half-Face

1634-Return to the New World: Half-face.
Once Françoise is married and settled she begins to see a phantom, a highly scarred man in voyageur dress who appears suddenly in the background, studying her, then disappears with equal suddenness. Eventually he appears at her home, he is Guy, alive though terribly scarred from his near death struggle with the Iroquois. He approaches her when she is alone with her infant son. You will need to read the story for the rest. It’s too good to give away. Read More 
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Here at Last!

The Beaver Wars
I don't want to give away too much, but the long awaited sequel to 1634-Return to the New World is now available in print and in Kindle on Amazon.com. Here is the trailer to The Beaver Wars:
The Beaver Wars relates both to the tumultuous period in early French-Canadian history and the wars between Native tribes. During the last half of the 17th century, Iroquois tribes to the south battled Huron tribes to the west over control of the lucrative fur trade which reached into many other tribes and European colonies.
Eight years have passed since families from Perche, France left their homes to join Samuel Champlain in his efforts to reclaim French Canada. As early residents of this wilderness, Francoise and Noel Langlois prospered. When the story opens, however, Francoise's life is in danger from a mysterious Iroquois arrow shot from the forest as she and her young daughter collected chestnuts.
As in all his historical fiction, Dr. Kreis blends history and storytelling into an exciting page-turner, filled with factual details of the period portrayed by wonderful characters, most based upon actual people who became an integral part not only of Québec, but of all the New World.
If you enjoyed 1634—Return to the New World, Fearful Passage North, The Allards Series or other novels by Dr. Kreis, you will love this one. Read More 
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Half-Face comes to camp
Book Thirteen: Half-Face part one: As I noted in a previous post, the early life of Françoise Grenier-Langlois, is very scant in historical literature, but it seems relatively clear that she appears very early in French-Canadian History when she and Noël Langlois are wed in the third marriage of Québec history and proceed to produce a large family of early leaders of Canada. I used my creative license to flesh-out her early history as a waif of the streets of Paris who is swept off her feet by an older man with many rough edges. He spirits her to the new world in its very early years where he bands with renegade courier-des-bois and turns young Françoise’s life into hell.
She is only rescued when this man (Guy) is said to be killed by Iroquois, leaving Françoise free to forge friendships with some of the more reputable Québécoise eventually causing her to be returned to France and a better life with her new friends. When she returns five years later, she finds her old abuser is still around when he returns to cause trouble. Read More 
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