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Book 13: 1634 - Return to the New World

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So now it's time to begin discussion of Book 13. I know a lot of you have read it and many have had questions. As always I will spend the next several Blogs discussing this work. HANG ON! Here is the trailer.


Upper North America, 1628: Françoise Grenier’s life had been a combination of bad circumstances, worse luck and even poorer choices. Orphaned near Paris at the age of twelve, she became a street urchin. At fifteen she fell in with an older man who convinced her to follow him to the new world of Québec where he would marry her. Instead he abused her. Only when he failed to return from trading with the natives and she heard they had killed him, did she find herself liberated.
Taken in by the few women of Québec, she was just recovering when English privateers captured the failing colony, sending its few inhabitants, including Françoise, back to France. One of the ladies gave her a letter to deliver in France which led her to a new life, allowing her to return to help rebuild the colony five years later. It was here she prospered, beginning one of the early prominent families of Canada, helping to forge a great nation from the frozen wilderness.
If you enjoyed Fearful Passage North, The Allards Series, and the author’s ability to bring history to life, you will love this one. Read More 
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Fearful Passage North

1704, Deerfield Massachusetts—the limits of the American frontier. Seeking a normal adolescence, it is the chance meeting of a strange young man that puts excitement into Elizabeth (Lizzie) Price’s life leading to romance and a marriage not entirely embraced by her Puritan community.
During one of New England’s harshest winters, when she has just begun her wonderful new life, Lizzie and her community are violently wrenched into chaos when an army of Indians and their French military supporters burn the village and kill or capture half of its occupants. Led by leather lashes around their necks, the captives are marched for a month on a fearful passage north through the winter wilderness of Vermont to the relative metropolis of Montréal. In this totally foreign setting of French-Canadian Catholicism Lizzie is forced to find a new life.
Not only a journey through the frozen wild, but a journey through the cultures of Puritan New England, American Indian and French-Canadian Catholic—all so different, yet so hauntingly similar.
If you enjoyed the Allard Series and Kreis’ ability to bring history to life, you will love Fearful Passage North.  Read More 
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The Allards Book Five: The City in the Wilderness

Old Jacques Allard and his young son, Louis-Pierre, are invited to participate in the grandest American wilderness adventure of them all, to travel west with Lewis and Clark in search of the Northwest Passage to the sea. Returning two years later, they find their city in ruins following the great Detroit fire of 1805.
The epic rebirth of a new city in the wilderness is hampered first by the War of 1812 and finally the world-wide cholera epidemic of 1832. It is during this time that Detroit is transfigured from a military outpost to a true city. Historical figures such as Meriwether Lewis, Augustus Woodward, and Gabriel Richard are accurately portrayed but with the author’s own touch of personalization.
All of Dr. Kreis’ books are available in print and Kindle format on Amazon.com. Read More 
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The Allards Book Four: The Voyageur

Book Four: The Voyageur:The Trailer
Following the death of his father during the fall of Quebec in 1761, young Jacques Allard leaves his home forever to travel with the famous voyageur, Jean-Baptiste Charbonneau, through the outpost of Detroit to the great west in search of the elusive Northwest Passage. It is here he learns the true ways of the wild, returning to Detroit to find progress disrupted by the Indian wars under the great chief, Pontiac.
Three years later, the peace is brief as American colonists speak of rebellion. Although the French-Canadians are mixed on their allegiance, many like Jacques are certain they dislike the British and travel east to aid the colonists in their quest for independence. Read More 
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The Allards Book Three: Peace and War--Trailer:

The Allards Book Three: Peace and War follows the Allard family from 1725 to 1761. Opening on the Peace of Utrecht, French Quebec is enjoying a peaceful and productive period. The lack of hostilities in Europe has resulted in tranquility in the colony where he habitants can tend their fields and enjoy life. Unfortunately life in the wilderness is generally not so tranquil for long when a great plague robs many families of their children. Ultimately the peace ends in 1750 with renewed hostilities across the sea which will spread westward across the Atlantic resulting in the ultimate fall of French Canada to the British in 1760.  Read More 
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The Allards Book Two: The Hunter

On a bright summer day in 1689, an eleven year-old boy and his native friend happen upon an Iroquois raiding party. Through ingenuity, knowledge of the wilderness and dumb luck, Jean-Baptiste Allard and his friend, Joseph, help foil the raid and save their small village in rural Quebec from disaster. Some years later, an unscrupulous explorer, Antoine Cadillac, hears their story and enlists the young men to aid him in his exploits into the western frontier.
Together in Book Two: The Hunter they endure the hardships of the wilderness while sharing the exhilaration of exploration and discovery. As they help found such posts as Detroit, Michilimackinac, and New Orleans, they meet the famous and the unknown who will accompany them and their descendants as the Allard Saga continues. Read More 
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