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Early Ville-Marie and Montreal: The difference in names

Notre Dame de Paris seen today
Early Ville Marie - Montreal—The difference in names: 1536: Very Early in French-Canadian history. Jacques Cartier passed the large island while exploring the St. Lawrence River. It is said he exclaimed, “Quel Mont Royal!” Hence the name Montreal. He tried to enter the native village of Hochelaga on the island, but was run off. As legend has it, the name held. It was not until 1612, however, that Samuel Champlain sailed by and tried to engage the natives in trade, again without success. In 1639, a tax collector (of all things), Jerome de Royer de la Dauversiere, set a small camp here with little effect, and it was not until 1641, that a group of religious Frenchmen met at the Cathéderal of Notre Dame de Paris… Continued next week. Read More 
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