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Thank you to readers who have been sending questions regarding events in FEARFUL PASSAGE NORTH. Beginning next week I will be posting answers to them.  Read More 
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The march

The 100-plus surviving captives are leashed and driven though the waist-deep snow on a month-long march through the total wilderness of what is today the length of the state of Vermont. Along the way several of their numbers fall victim to the elements, the tomahawk or the knife. As the survivors are forced to march over their slain family members and neighbors left to feed the animals along the three-hundred mile trail to Montréal. Read More 
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Making her way with the friendship of two local girls and the encouragement of an aging school teacher who has learned how to be a literate woman in this land of repression, Lizzie’s big breakthrough comes when she encounter a strange and exciting man. Two of his many qualities not shared or appreciated by the townspeople. Read More 
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Deerfield - The Raid

1704—Deerfield Massachusetts is the very end of the New England Frontier and home for 400 Puritans souls. If life is not difficult enough in this frozen wilderness, they are attacked by a mélange of Indian tribes organized by the French-Canadian Military. On that one night during the area’s worst winter in memory, the town is burned and half its inhabitants are killed or taken captive. Read More 
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Fearful Passage North

Fearless Passage North: Spring of 1696, Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ Price is entering adolescence as her ne’er-do-well father is moving the family to Deerfield, Massachusetts—the end of the world in 17th century New England. Preferring outdoors to in and animal care to knitting, Lizzie is a square peg in the round hole of New England Puritanism. In contrast to her straight-laced older sister, Mary, Lizzie is constantly on the hunt for excitement. Unfortunately she is forced to search in the dullest place on earth. Read More 
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