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Noel Langlois:

Philomene's Doll
July 28,2018
Back to THE BEAVER WARS (boats and Noel): Noel Langlois was said to be a ship’s captain and a builder of boats in Quebec. I used a little imagination placing this in the story, but I believe it is relatively accurate. If you are finished with Noel, don’t forget PHILOMENE’S DOLL In print and kindle from Amazon. Read More 
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The hardest part of writing a book is not writing!

Philomene's Doll
It's been a hectic week preparing for the appearance of PHILOMENE'S DOLL. So I am taking some time from blogging to prepare for talks, presentation and sending copies to people who will review and promote the book (writing is much more simple!)
At any rate, during this time I may miss a few blogs, but I am not going away. I will return to finish blogging THE BEAVER WARS, adding some PHILOMENE to the mix. I also don't want to get ahead of my readers.
So in the meantime I will be eternally grateful if you will order PHILOMENE'S DOLL in print or kindle (lots cheaper) from our friends at Amazon
Thanks as always. Bill Read More 
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Now out! Philomene's Doll

New! Philomene's Doll
The trailer

Six years after the American Civil War ended, six-year-old Philomene sees her mother die horribly in childbirth. Soon she is sent from her home near Detroit to Belle-River, Canada, where, following a series of moves to various families and convents, she ultimately finds a stable home near the place of her birth and marries a young man.

Together they build a successful farm and begin a family. We follow her through Prohibition, the Great Depression, and two World Wars, raising a large and varied family through the best and the worst of times. All along, she is comforted and stimulated by a simple rag doll that was the single great gift of her childhood. Based on a true story, it’s a tale of the highest and lowest points of a long life. You will not want to miss it!

If you enjoyed 1634-Return to the New World, The Beaver Wars, Fearful Passage North, The Allard Series, or other novels by Dr. Kreis, you will love this one. Read More 
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More Iroquois

Iroquois Warriors
July 7, 2018
Eventually, the French soldiers realized this was not the open plains of Europe with soldiers lining up on each side. Here the natives were invisible in the forest, and European techniques were of little use. So Abraham Martin and other French-Canadians began to school them in the art of Quebec war. They began to understand, but it would be a good long while before they could subdue any Iroquois. COMING NEXT WEEK, THE NEXT BOOK: PHILOMENE'S DOLL Read More 
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