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Return of Guy

Half-Face is real!
Return of Guy:

April has arrived without its usual vengeance and the Québécoise are taking full advantage of the uncharacteristic glorious spring. Noël and Jacques-Henri have taken Noël’s brother and the two oldest boys to hunt. The girls have gone with Nicole Boucher to a birthday party leaving Françoise alone with the infant Jean-Paul. Deciding to take advantage of the wonderful day for spring house cleaning, Nicole puts the baby in his crib and begins to work. When she returns from the loft, she is shocked by a man standing in the door way. Her worst nightmare is realized as she realizes the man with the eye patch and severely scared half-face is real—and it is none other than Guy! He threatens the baby with his evil knife and while offering Françoise the baby’s life if she will submit to him… But I suppose you should read the rest in the book, 1634-Return to the New World. Read More 
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