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Francoise Grenier

Francoise Grenier Langlois
Book Thirteen: Françoise Grenier: Of the people who returned to the new world in 1634, Françoise is certainly the most enigmatic. Unlike the other women: Mathurine Guyon, Nicole Boucher, etc. she has no written early past. For authors of straight history this is a dead end, but for historical fiction, she is a bonanza, a chance to spread one’s authorial wings. There are a number of theories about our heroine. Was she a native? is popular. However, I felt her subsequent life and history, particularly her many children born in a very French-immigrant fashion as opposed to the scant births of typical Indians of the time, made my version of her more realistic (at least in my mind). The remainder of her life is as well chronicled as any in this time and situation, and I have adhered to it as much as I usually do. This includes her mysterious death, for which you, dear reader, have a ways to go. Read More 
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