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Pontiac's War

After the fall of French Canada to the British in 1760, the native and French people of Détroit were uncertain of their future. As the British presence became more prominent, the Indians began to lose the standing they once had with the French. Pontiac was a shrewd leader and at one point during the conflict controlled most of the Great Lakes Region. There were Frenchmen in Détroit with loyalties to each side. Most had sympathies with the Indians but realized the ultimate outcome. As a result most remained aloof. I believe my description of events is fairly accurate. Read More 
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To Detroit

In 1734 Jean-Baptiste Allard and Joseph are invited to travel to Detroit where they had gone years before with Antoine Cadillac. They bring along their now eighteen year old sons, Pierre and Toussaint giving the boys the opportunity to see the City in the Wilderness and meet some of its younger residents including the son of an Indian chief—a young man known as Pontiac who will play a large part in The Allards Book Four: The Voyager. Read More 
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