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I have been away for two weeks doing research. 1634 RETURN TO THE NEW WORLD is now available in print and kindle through Amazon.com. Readers who have questions about the characters, events, etc. in this new historical fiction action novel can ask them on my website wilmontkreis.com, or e-mail wkreis@sbcglobal.net. I will try to answer them from time to time on my blog at the website or on Facebook, Wilmont Kreis Author. Next week I will return to Book Eight: The Chief. Read More 
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The Deserted Mansion

Trombley's mansion
Meanwhile, the three present-day friends, Jim Trombley, Becky Gauthier and Ben Champine have just returned from Paris to visit an old deserted mansion Jim has located in a forest of wilderness on Lake Saint Clair. Jim is about to undertake the renovation of this treasure which will ultimately reveal its role in one of Detroit’s roaring twenties crime syndicates. Read More 
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