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Le Cid

Le Cid and the Beaver Wars
Le Cid: This French pièce de théâtre seems out of place in 17th century Québec. First performed in Paris ten years earlier, it was in fact brought to Canada by Governor Montmagny who saw it and met the author years ago in Paris. It is the story of two families where the marriage between two families is threatened by a fight between the two fathers. Only when cooler heads prevail, is the bloodshed avoided. Françoise thought it resembled the ongoing beaver wars between the Iroquois and Huron tribes, and only cooler heads from Canada could quell the disaster. Read More 
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Time for a break

The Beaver Wars
Time for a break:
I will be off working on my next book during the month of September. The blog will return for more about THE BEAVER WARS on my return. Read More 
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