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Questions: Shakespeare

Stacy asked: Was Lizzie's mother really related to Shakespeare?

Yes, Sarah Webb-Price’s father, Sir Alexander Webb, came to New England to avoid the political unrest in the kingdom about 1630. He was quite wealthy and sold his holdings before departing with four sons and one grandson who would become Sarah’s father. Sir Alexander’s mother was Margaret Arden whose sister, Mary, was mother of William Shakespeare. William and Alexander likely both attended the King Edward VI School in Stratford upon Avon. Even though books of plays were not common in this era, it is certainly possible Sir Alexander had one—or more. Sir Alexander settled in Connecticut and died soon after, leaving his riches to his sons. Sarah’s grandfather, Richard, lived in Connecticut and died when Sarah was a girl, so it is likely that she had some memory of him and his wealth.
Her father, John Webb, inherited little and worked at various trades, ending as an innkeeper in Massachusetts. The possible possession of a book was too good to leave out of the story, and given Lizzie’s attraction to an unusual suitor (Andrew) and the tragic death, made Romeo and Juliet a natural. The book also allowed developing her relationship with Dame Beaman and Andrew. I reread the play more than once while writing the story, and with the opening scene of the chorus, “the fearful passage of their death-mark’d love…” a title was born. Read More 
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