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Soldiers out of their element
June 30, 2018
More Carignan-Salieres: This battle hardened group of French soldiers would seem to be exactly what French-Canada needed. Abraham Martin lived very near their training ground on the so-called Plains of Abraham, a large field behind the fort which can be visited today and named for its first French resident. As Abraham watched them train, he realized they would be no match for the Iroquois and he finally convinced their leader to indulge him and train with a few Algonquin braves. In the morning four Algonquin appeared with their bows and four soldiers with rifles. They faced off and with the first gun shot, the natives retreated into the woods. The soldiers pursued but to their chagrin, they were soon surprised and disarmed by the Indians. More next week Read More 
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Carignan-Salieres Regiment comes to Quebec

Not the way to fight the Iroquois
June 23, 2018
Carignan-Salieres Regiment comes to Quebec: Following the peace between France and Spain, Louis XIV merged two groups of soldiers and sent them to Quebec to help subdue the Iroquois. This battle hardened group of Frenchmen seemed to be just what Canada needed. Unfortunately the fighting styles of the French in Europe, and the natives in Canada were as different as possible and the Iroquois held the home court advantage. In addition, the leader sent by France and Governor de Voyer of Canada were oblivious to this fact. More next week Read More 
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Marriage of Louis XIV

Marriage of Louis XIV
June 16, 2018
Quebec and Spanish Succession: For years France and Spain had been battling over the boundaries and monarchies of the two countries. Spain had been ruled for years by a simple and ineffective king and with his death, the claim to the throne became more important. It was solved by the marriage of Louis XIV to the young Princess Marie Therese, the Infantate of Spain. This subsequent peace gave France the use of soldiers who had been fighting the Spanish, and many were sent to Quebec to help subdue the Iroquois. More next week. Read More 
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What's new

Philomene's Doll
June 9, 2018
What’s new? If the blogs have seemed brief, it’s because I’m working hard on the next work, Philomene’s Doll. When readers asked Marcel Pagnol when the last book of his popular Fanny Trilogy would be released, he answered, “It is nearly done, all that is left is to write it.” In my case, Philomene is written, I merely need to deal with the endless details. At any rate, it should be out in a couple months and announced in the blog. As Philomene would tell the doll, “be patient.” Read More 
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