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Lewis and Clark

Although he is facing his 58th birthday, Jacques Allard is as active as ever. So when his friend, the great Indian translator, Georges Drouillard, appears with prospects for the greatest adventure in American history, Jacques agrees instantly. Against his wife’s judgment, he proposes to take his young son, Louis-Pierre, and his two metis or mixed-blood friends Lucien and Michel de Baptiste. The story of their travels with Lewis and Clark follow closely the descriptions in Lewis’s excellent diary. With some fun added by yours truly. Read More 
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The Allards Book Five: The City in the Wilderness

By the grace of Almighty God, I claim these lands for his majesty the King of France, and today on her feast day, I dedicate this church to the patron saint of New France, Sainte-Anne. And I hereby christen this fort “Fort Pontchartrain du Détroit.” It is here I shall build a city in the wilderness.
Antoine Lamothe Sieur de Cadillac: July 26, 1701
It was with this speech Cadillac began what would later become the Motor City and arsenal of democracy, but would linger as a frontier outpost for a century. Book Five covers the beginning of its emergence as a great American city. Read More 
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