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Jackson and Randy

Jackson Ivorie and Randall Riley are certainly my favorite characters in The Corridor. Representing some of the diamonds in the rough among the lost soles in an inner city slum, they far outpaced my original expectations. As the book progressed they continued to demand a larger role, and I am not disappointed that I gave in to their demands.  Read More 
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The Corridor

While I was researching for The Corridor, the Detroit Free Press began a series on healthcare fraud in the inner city. It was here I first learned of, THE BEACH, an oddly-named desolate spot of the Motor City. Located on the corner of Martin Luther King (formerly Mack) and Cass Avenue, it is in the center of the area referred to by locals as the Cass Corridor. A veritable social study of American urban culture, this three mile corridor runs from the riverfront and tall buildings of downtown through the worst area of burned out despair imaginable, to a rebirth and rejuvenation of homes and businesses old and new ending at the pleasant Wayne State University campus and the Cultural Center of Detroit. What a setting for a novel…! Read More 
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