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Le Cid

Le Cid and the Beaver Wars
Le Cid: This French pièce de théâtre seems out of place in 17th century Québec. First performed in Paris ten years earlier, it was in fact brought to Canada by Governor Montmagny who saw it and met the author years ago in Paris. It is the story of two families where the marriage between two families is threatened by a fight between the two fathers. Only when cooler heads prevail, is the bloodshed avoided. Françoise thought it resembled the ongoing beaver wars between the Iroquois and Huron tribes, and only cooler heads from Canada could quell the disaster. Read More 
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Canada begins to grow

Marguerite Bourgeoise
I think it’s time to move on to Book Fourteen, The Beaver Wars. We have seen how Champlain and later Montmagny have urged the fledgling population of New France in fits and starts, struggling against the wilderness, hostile natives, and a disinterested French government. In spite of their valiant efforts, Québec lacks sorely for citizens, especially women. In The Beaver Wars, we will watch the colony began to grow with more immigrants, better government, some French interest, and an odd woman from France who will bring new women to become the mothers of Canada. Hang onto your hats! It starts now. Read More 
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The Beaver Wars

He caused all that trouble!
Don’t forget The Beaver Wars is now available in print and on Kindle from Amazon.com. Those of you who have finished 1634-Return to the New World can get to work finding out what happens to Françoise. Those of you who have not yet finished, you can order it now–just don’t peek Read More 
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Here at Last!

The Beaver Wars
I don't want to give away too much, but the long awaited sequel to 1634-Return to the New World is now available in print and in Kindle on Amazon.com. Here is the trailer to The Beaver Wars:
The Beaver Wars relates both to the tumultuous period in early French-Canadian history and the wars between Native tribes. During the last half of the 17th century, Iroquois tribes to the south battled Huron tribes to the west over control of the lucrative fur trade which reached into many other tribes and European colonies.
Eight years have passed since families from Perche, France left their homes to join Samuel Champlain in his efforts to reclaim French Canada. As early residents of this wilderness, Francoise and Noel Langlois prospered. When the story opens, however, Francoise's life is in danger from a mysterious Iroquois arrow shot from the forest as she and her young daughter collected chestnuts.
As in all his historical fiction, Dr. Kreis blends history and storytelling into an exciting page-turner, filled with factual details of the period portrayed by wonderful characters, most based upon actual people who became an integral part not only of Québec, but of all the New World.
If you enjoyed 1634—Return to the New World, Fearful Passage North, The Allards Series or other novels by Dr. Kreis, you will love this one. Read More 
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