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Guillaume Guillemot

Pierre Boucher
Guillaume Guillemot: Born to privilege as a seigneur in Brittany, he rose to great prestige in France. He was proposed to the King to be Governor of New France, and traveled to the colony in October of 1651 along with another French Aristocrat, Jean de Lauson. Arriving in Quebec, he was disappointed when the Compagnie des Cent-Associes named Lauson as Governor of Canada and Guillemot as Governor of Trois-Rivieres. He traveled inward to the Trois-Rivieres where he met Pierre Boucher. The town at that time was the outpost against severe Iroquois attacks, and Guillemot planned to make this his claim to fame and greater office. To be continued next week. Read More 
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Young Pierre

Adult Pierre Boucher
On arrival in Mortagne, Francoise is a lost soul in an unfamiliar place, looking for a relative she has never met . She finds help at the local convent where the Mother Superior helps Identify the relative as Nicole Boucher. By coincidence, Nicole's precocious eight-year-old son, Pierre is studying in the next room. This gifted boy brings Francoise to his home, beginning a lifelong relationship where Young Pierre grows into a man becoming one of the most important fathers of Canada. Read More 
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