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Jean Langlois arrives

Map of Montreal 1800
In 1640 Noël’s younger brother, Jean Langlois, appears. As a boy, Jean had run away to sea working his way up to captain of ocean ships. He stays with his brother during which time he tells him of two rich and powerful men who accompanied him on the voyage to Québec. The rich and devout Jerome Dauversiere and his companion, the equally rich and possibly less devout Baron de Fanchamp represented a company planning to bring French citizens and clergy to settle the island 200 miles upriver of Québec which Jacques Cartier had named Montréal 100 years before. Although the espoused goal was religious, Jean Langlois had realized these men were also interested in controlling the fur trade. They had asked Jean to have his brother take them to the island as secretively as possible. Read More 
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