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Harsens Island

Brown's Tavern at Sunset
I hope you enjoy 1634, Return to the New World, but I need to get back to The Allards Book Eight: The Chief
Harsens Island: This jewel of a swamp has found its way into The Allard Series since Book Four: The Voyageur. Located where the St. Clair River enters Lake St. Clair, it is still reachable only by water. First owned by Dutch immigrant, Jacob Harsen in 1783, it continues to be a haven for fishing, boating, and duck hunting, and the Allard family along with many other Detroit residents have enjoyed it even before Jacob. Following WWII my mother’s cousin, Earl Brown started Brown’s Tavern which endures today and is worth a visit. Another famous Island eatery was The Blue Goose which was moved from the island to St. Clair Shoes by towing it on the ice. The Blue Goose and many of its namesakes have found their way into the Allard Series and it is also recommended by the author. Read More 
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