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South Macomb College lecture

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A Lesson in French-Canadian Detroit History
Monday, April 25 1:00-3:00
Location: UC1-104 Faculty: Wilmont Kreis, M.D.
Take a journey through Detroit’s history…from Cadillac to Kilpatrick, the fur trade to the American Revolution, the fire of 1805 followed by the work of Woodward and Gabriel Richard. In this class led by a local author and historian, learn interesting facts and little-known trivia about the area’s involvement with the Underground Railroad, the Civil War, Prohibition, Depression, the automobile industry, and two World Wars. There may even be prizes for the trivia experts among the SOAR participants. Orthopedic surgeon Wilmont Kreis, M.D., is a lifelong resident and student of the Detroit River Region. He has authored ten historical novels, as well as three mystery thrillers about health care fraud: The Corridor, set in Detroit’s Cass Corridor; The Pain Doc about pain clinics and prescription drug abuse; and The Labyrinth focusing on home health care fraud. Kreis and his wife, Susan, a health care attorney, live in Port Huron. Read More 
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