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Must the Allard Series be read in order?

Readers ask, “Must I read the Allard series in sequence?” My father told me the only two things one must do is pay taxes and die, although I have heard if you are rich enough one of these can be avoided. The Allard series does follow a trail, but each book can be read for itself. Most readers begin with the first book following this they usually read the others (or at least they buy them—I hope they read them). Although there is some character overlap, each is a stand-alone story with unique characters and plot. Each book begins with a scene from the present that will start the thread of the story. The opening scene of Book One: The New World begins with the modern-day discovery of an old medallion which serves as a connecting thread through all eight books.

The books are novels, each a story of a group of people in a specific era—filled with their lives, loves, tragedies, etc. You can view each and read selections on amazon at Wilmont Kreis, or click: Amazon.com Read More 
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