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Cliff Notes for the Allard Series:

—Book One: The New World: From France to Quebec. 1665-1676.
—Book Two: The Hunter: Early Quebec and Antoine Cadillac. 1679-1725.
—Book Three: Peace and War: Quebec through the French and Indian War. 1725-1761.
—Book Four: The Voyageur: Travels to the frontier and growth of Detroit. 1761-1803.
—Book Five: The City in The Wilderness: Lewis and Clark to rebuilding Detroit. 1803-1832.
—Book Six: The Medallion: Underground Railroad. 1833-1860.
—Book Seven: The Witch: Civil War to the Industrial Revolution. 1860-1892.
—Book Eight: The Chief: The automobile, Prohibition, Great Depression, two World Wars. 1895-1948.  Read More 
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