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Research and other fun

1634 - Return to the New World

Samuel Champlain's life's work is in shambles. His population has dwindled to a few hardy souls and he is about to be raided by English Privateers and sent back to France. However, the tireless Champlain revives his hopes by gathering a hardy group of five families from Mortagne, a small rural town in the Perche region of northeast France, betting against all odds that he can finally build a society in the rugged frontier of Canada.

Mortagne-au-Perche today

Fearful Passage North

Deerfield Meadow

FEARFUL PASSAGE NORTH begins with the arrival of Lizzie Price and her family at Deerfield, Massachusetts, the last outpost in the New England frontier. Historic Deerfield today retains much of the ambiance. Here is the north meadow little changed today from where Lizzie brought here cows to graze and made new friends. The Deerfield River still runs through the shadow of the woods at the end and left of the meadow.

When asked if he had completed the final script in the famous FANNY TRILOGY, Marcel Pagnol replied, "It's finished, all I have left to do is write it."
I feel this way about research and have added some photos and tidbits collected while researching. For those of you who have read some or all of the books, or even if you haven't, I thought you might enjoy this.

If you do enjoy it and would like to see more, leave a comment in the Guest Book. I have a great deal more.


Saint Maclou Church, Rouen, France

In 1431, following the burning of Jeanne d'Arc, Pierre Allard finds a medallion on the ground in front of Saint Maclou before heading east to seek his fortune. Chapter 2.

Blacqueville Cemetery

Cemetery of St. Martin de Blacqueville, Normandy, France. Parents and siblings of Francois Allard are buried here.


The cliffs of Etretat, Normandy, France. The last thing Francois sees as he leaves France forever. Chapter 6.

Artannes sur Indre

Church and Abbey at Artannes sur Indre where Francois' future wife, Jeanne Anguille, lived and worked before embarking for Quebec. Part Two, Chapter 1-2

Charlesbourg, Quebec

Cemetery of Saint-Charles de Brommee where Francois, Jeanne and many more early characters are buried.