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Philomene's Doll

Here it comes: Philomene’s Doll
Six years after the American Civil War ended, six-year-old Philomene sees her mother die horribly in childbirth. Soon she is sent from her home near Detroit to Belle-River, Canada, where, following a series of moves to various families and convents, she ultimately finds a stable home near the place of her birth and marries a young man.
Together they build a successful farm and begin a family. We follow her through Prohibition, the Great Depression, and two World Wars, raising a large and varied family through the best and the worst of times. All along, she is comforted and stimulated by a simple rag doll that was the single great gift of her childhood. Based on a true story, it’s a tale of the highest and lowest points of a long life. You will not want to miss it!
If you enjoyed 1634-Return to the New World, The Beaver Wars, Fearful Passage North, The Allard Series, or other novels by Dr. Kreis, you will love this one.
The Beaver Wars, just out on

The Beaver Wars

Gravely wounded at the end of 1634-Return to the New World, Françoise Langlois must fight for her life while the fledgling French colony of Québec must fight for its as the Indian nations enlarge their wars with each other along their new European neighbors. Follow Françoise along with her French-Canadian compatriots as they struggle against all odds to retain and grow their place in the New World.

1634 Return to the New World

An enigmatic young woman emerges from a life of bad circumstances and worse luck, finding herself with a small group of French families traveling to the New world where they will prosper as the early prominent families of Canada.

Fearful Passage North Now available on in print and Kindle

1704, the Puritan Massachusetts frontier: The small village of newly wed Elizabeth Price is raided by Indians. She is taken along with 100 of her neighbors and marched through the brutal snows of winter to Montreal where she must begin a new life.

Historical Fiction Thriller

As with all these books, Fearful Passage North is available on Kindle and in print at

1704, Deerfield Massachusetts—the limits of the American frontier. Seeking a normal adolescence, it is the chance meeting of a strange young man that puts excitement into Elizabeth (Lizzie) Price’s life leading to romance and a marriage not entirely embraced by her Puritan community.
During one of New England’s harshest winters, when she has just begun her wonderful new life, Lizzie and her community are violently wrenched into chaos when an army of Indians and their French military supporters burn the village and kill or capture half of its occupants. Led by leather lashes around their necks, the captives are marched for a month on a fearful passage north through the winter wilderness of Vermont to the relative metropolis of Montréal. In this totally foreign setting of French-Canadian Catholicism Lizzie is forced to find a new life.
Not only a journey through the frozen wild, but a journey through the cultures of Puritan New England, American Indian and French-Canadian Catholic—all so different, yet so hauntingly similar.
If you enjoyed the Allard Series and Kreis’ ability to bring history to life, you will love Fearful Passage North.

The Labyrinth

Convinced they are receiving the finest of care, seniors are being trapped in an inescapable maze while Medicare is being bilked of billions.

Medical intrigue

The Labyrinth - As with all these books, The Labyrinth is available on Kindle and in print.

As sexy as she is intelligent, Janique Halstrom found the perfect job marketing home healthcare for the elderly. Not only is she highly paid, but her company is wonderful—patients, their families, physicians, and employees love it—and based on payments, even Medicare seems to love it. Ariadne Health claims to help guide seniors through the labyrinth of healthcare.
Tony Evans finds himself widowed, retired and well-to-do at an early age. Just as he and Janique are developing the perfect relationship, a few irregularities punctuated by the sudden death of a dear mutual friend reveal that Ariadne is just the opposite. They draw the elderly into the labyrinth, at the same time bilking Medicare for billions of dollars.
From the ski slopes of Aspen to the inner city of Detroit, Dr. Kreis’ unique combination of medical knowledge and a knack for storytelling weave another action-packed thriller that will grip the reader to the end.
If you liked The Corridor and The Pain Doc, you are going to love The Labyrinth.

Medical intrigue

The Pain Doc - As with all these books, The Pain Doc is available on Kindle and in print.

Arriving home after years of foreign medical study, neophyte physician Terry Webb expects his impressive new title of Doctor will open his insignificant and impoverished life to one of riches and social status. Dismayed to discover that mediocre credentials stand in his way, he finds entry into that sphere of wealth and prominence he has long coveted through a chance meeting with a fascinatingly beautiful woman.

While he and the spectacular Katarina Wynn catapult into the world of mansions, yachts and outrageous incomes, they collect a few unsavory companions as the author leaves The Corridor’s slums of Detroit for the cleaner venue of prosperous suburbs. Here he weaves an exciting and instructive tale in the world of medical fraud and prescription drug addiction where once again it is the job of Gillian Russell and Nicole Allard to intervene, bringing it to justice.

If you enjoyed The Corridor, you will love The Pain Doc—don’t miss it!
Now available on

Medical thriller

The Corridor - As with all these books, The Corridor is available on Kindle and in print.

The Corridor

Nicole Allard’s uncomplicated suburban life is suddenly spiraling out of control into her worst nightmare. What began as a temporary job posing as a patient for insurance companies to collect data on doctors has become posing for the government as a down-on-her-luck prostitute in the worst clinics of Detroit’s notorious Cass Corridor. When her cover is blown, she is violently thrust into the hands of a sadistic psychopath who will stop at nothing to get revenge. She now finds herself in a frantic flight with a bright young Kenyan physician and his nurse, a refugee of human trafficking. Their lives hang precariously in the balance and depend on two homeless residents of the Corridor.
The author’s grasp of outrageous medical fraud schemes along with his unique sense of humor, an unforgettable cast of characters and a nail-biting plot make The Corridor a true must-read.


The Allards Book One: The New World

In 1666 the young son of a Normand shoemaker leaves France for a world scarcely known. With new-found friends, François Allard braves the storms, plagues, pirates and other hardships of the sea to arrive two months later in an often frozen wilderness. After three years as an indentured servant learning the ways of the wild world of Quebec and its people, French and Indian, he emerges as a proud North American landholder.
Along with his new wife and her own story of a thrilling, sometimes terrifying voyage to the new world, he begins a family which will help to forge the new civilization. The Allards Book One the New World is the first of eight thrilling books exploring the triumphs and tragedies of this family through history, one generation at a time, from France in 1660 to Detroit in 1950.

All eight books and others by Wilmont Kreis are available in print or Kindle format on


On a bright summer day in 1689, an eleven year-old boy and his native friend happen upon an Iroquois raiding party. Through ingenuity, knowledge of the wilderness and dumb luck, Jean-Baptiste Allard and his friend, Joseph, help foil the raid and save their small village in rural Quebec from disaster. Some years later, an unscrupulous explorer, Antoine Cadillac, hears their story and enlists the young men to aid him in his exploits into the western frontier.
Together in The Allards Book Two The Hunter, they endure the hardships of the wilderness while sharing the exhilaration of exploration and discovery. As they help found such posts as Detroit, Michilimackinac, and New Orleans, they meet the famous and the unknown who will accompany them and their descendants as the Allard Saga continues.


During an unprecedented peace between France and England, young Pierre Allard enjoys life in Quebec as it emerges into a genuine city, but as with many young French Canadians, the call of the wild draws him on treks to the outpost at Detroit and later a much grander adventure to the Rocky Mountains.
Upon his return, the peace begins to fade as a new war between the European powers draws in North America resulting in the violent fall of Quebec and the beginning of a new era of English rule.

The Allards Book Four: The Voyageur

Following the death of his father during the fall of Quebec in 1761, young Jacques Allard leaves his home forever to travel with the famous voyageur, Jean-Baptiste Charbonneau, through the outpost of Detroit to the great west in search of the elusive Northwest Passage. It is here he learns the true ways of the wild, returning to Detroit to find progress disrupted by the Indian wars under the great chief, Pontiac.
Three years later, the peace is brief as American colonists speak of rebellion. Although the French-Canadians are mixed on their allegiance, many like Jacques are certain they dislike the British and travel east to aid the colonists in their quest for independence.

The Allards Book Five: The City in the Wilderness

Old Jacques Allard and his young son, Louis-Pierre, are invited to participate in the grandest American wilderness adventure of them all, to travel west in search of the Northwest Passage to the sea with Lewis and Clark. Returning two years later, they find their city in ruins following the great Detroit fire of 1805.
The epic rebirth of a new city in the wilderness is hampered first by the War of 1812 and finally the world-wide cholera epidemic of 1832. It is during this time that Detroit is transfigured from a military outpost to a true city. Historical figures such as Meriwether Lewis, Augustus Woodward, and Gabriel Richard are accurately portrayed but with the author’s own touch of personalization.

The Allards Book Six: The Medallion

In 1833 Therese Allard is twenty-seven years old. Recently widowed, she lives with eight children on her late husband’s farm. Following the second brutal cholera epidemic in three years, her outspoken mother sends Sean Logan, a rich Irish abolitionist, to turn Therese’s farm into a station on Detroit’s growing Underground Railroad and to turn Therese’s sad life into one of adventure and romance.
During this significant period of regional growth amid the conflict between proslavery forces of the South and the abolitionist sympathies of Detroit, a group of French-Swiss families leave their homes to join the hordes of European immigrants arriving in Detroit where they blend with the Allards and their neighbors.

The Allards Book Seven: The Witch

In 1861, Moise and Marie-Anne Allard have not yet recovered from the difficult birth of their first son, Moses, when Marie-Anne’s brother, her cousin and an old friend join thousands of young Detroiters marching off to war, returning four long years later as Detroit enters the industrial age. The Allards are guided by their unforgettable great-grandmother, Mimi Balard, while being threatened by their old nemesis, Fillmore P. Shakley, a slave catcher turned carpetbagger, when he returns to Detroit for revenge.
As a young adult, Moses Allard leaves the farm for marriage and the city life but eventually returns to the farm weary of labor unrest. While the 19th century comes to a close, the groundwork is laid for Detroit’s famous crime syndicate which will deeply affect the family into the 20th century and Book Eight

The Allards Book Eight: The Chief

At the end of the 19th century, Moses Allard’s first born son, Diddy, dies, but not before leaving a lifelong impression on his younger brother, Abe, who grows up preferring fishing, duck hunting and ice boating to the family farm. Marrying a girl from another early French farming family, Abe joins the police at the onset of WWI where he cuts his teeth on the early days of Prohibition and Detroit’s infamous Purple Gang.
Abe’s only child, Gladys, is raised by a father who desperately longs for a son as the lakeside farming community enters the age of suburbia. Marrying and starting her own family, she lives in an exciting era encompassing Prohibition, the Great Depression, two world wars and the emergence of Detroit as the Motor City.
The last in a series of eight historical novels, The Chief continues to bring history to life through the eyes of one family and to be for French-Canadians what Roots is to African-Americans, but readers need not have French-Canadian heritage or be from Detroit to love these books.