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The Allards Book One: The New World

In 1666 the young son of a Normand shoemaker, leaves the shores of France for a world scarcely known. With new-found friends, François Allard braves the storms, plagues, pirates and other hardships of the sea to arrive two months later in an often frozen wilderness. After three years as an indentured servant learning the ways of the wild world of Quebec and its people, French and Indian, he emerges as a proud North American landholder.
Along with his new wife and her own story of a thrilling and sometimes terrifying voyage to the new world, he begins a family which will help to forge the new civilization. The Allards Book One the New World is the first of eight thrilling books exploring the triumphs and tragedies of this family through history, one generation at a time, from France in 1660 to Detroit in 1950.
All eight books and others by Wilmont Kreis are available in print or Kindle format on