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A University of Michigan educated orthopedic surgeon, Wilmont Kreis has practiced in Port Huron, Michigan for 35 years. He and his wife, Susan, nurse turned healthcare attorney, have two adult children.

A life-long resident of the Detroit River Region, he was raised on land belonging to his family for 200 years, and his interest in French-Canadian history began as soon as he could sit on his great-grandmother’s lap, listening to tales from her ancestors. Tales of endless wilderness and men in canoes, of Indians at the window and slaves hiding in the barn awaiting escape to freedom in Canada, tales of exploration and discovery and tales of the building of a great city through depression, prohibition, industrial revolution, and many wars.

His eight-book ALLARD SAGA reflects years of research, and with the aid of a first-rate story teller taught by a great-grandmother, they bring history to life through the eyes and actions of the people who lived it. These are not only historical novels, they are action adventures where the adventure never ends.
THE CORRIDOR, THE PAIN DOC and THE LABYRINTH are fast-paced thrillers describing fraud in the medical field. Still using the Detroit area as his setting, he turned to modern-day concerns to relate “stories” with a different international scope that shows how today’s problems reach beyond our shores, even to remote areas of the world. As with the historical series, the author’s plan once again is to present an important and serious topic in a thrilling style that is enjoyable, exciting and as easy to read as it is difficult to put down.

FEARFUL PASSAGE NORTH, a historical fiction thriller is set in the Deerfield Raid of 1704, read about it here and at

Most Recent Publication:
1634 - RETURN TO THE NEW WORLD, returns to the very early days of Canada when Samuel Champlain and his few battered settlers were uprooted from Quebec by the infamous English privateers, the Kirke brothers. 1634- follows Champlain as he brings a group of five families from the Perche region of north-east France, returning to Quebec to take on the exciting task of building French-Canada.

Due out in 2017: THE BEAVER WARS, the exciting sequel to 1634: STAY TUNED!

Susan, and he also enjoy gardening, travel, art, boats and skiing.

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