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Bad Doctors

Like Dr. Ryan, Dr. Kerry Berger is total fiction. He is an amalgam of bad characteristics I have seen in my career. Happily, very few doctors are like Kerry. Read More 
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Good Doctors

Dr. David Ryan is an amalgam of wonderful qualities I have observed in physicians over my career. Unfortunately he is probably too good to be true. At any rate he is, in my experience, much more like most doctors than the evil Dr. Berger. Read More 
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Bad Physicians

In America there are many physicians who have difficulty finding work. Perhaps they have had a license suspended. Maybe they are not fluent in English. Perhaps they have a drug problem, maybe they are just lazy. The industry can hire these folks as long as they have some sort of license and they can authorize treatment and devises for people in the nursing homes or even patients they have never seen. Medicare is a grand bureaucracy but sometimes not very careful. Read More 
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