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The Beaver Wars: Courcelles

De Courcelles
August 25, 2018
THE BEAVER WARS, Daniel de Remy de Courcelles: Was sent as Governor General of New France in 1665. More interested in killing Indians than growing a nation, he led—or ordered a number of raids on the Iroquois nation. Although many of his raids were poorly planned with disastrous results, history gives him a pass as Canada did eventually prosper. I hear readers are anxious to hear about my new book Philomene’s Doll, and am pleased to report it is doing well. It is available on Amazon in print and Kindle and I will begin its blog in two weeks.
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Jean Talon

Filles du Roi
August 17, 2018
THE BEAVER WARS, Jean Talon: Sent to Canada in 1665, Talon became the first Intendant of New France. Talon tried with some success to change the Canadian economy from Beaver pelts to farming. Realizing a much greater population was needed, he helped arrange for 800 young French women to come to Canada as the now famous Filles du Roi, greatly enlarging the Canadian population. One of his greatest accomplishments (in my opinion) was starting the first commercial brewery in Canada, La Brasseries du Roi in 1668. Read More 
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Back to the Beaver Wars

August 10, 2018
THE BEAVER WARS, Courcelles, Talon, and deTracy: These three important (and very different) men were sent from France to manage Quebec at the end of the book. Daniel de Remy de Courcelles as Governor General of New France, Jean Talon as the first Intendant of New France, and Alexandre de Prouville de Tracy as Lieutenant-General of New France. Appearing at the end of the Beaver Wars story, I will spend some time discussing the roles and importance (for better and for worse, to New France. But don’t worry; I won’t forget Philomene and her Doll.
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