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More Half-Face

1634-Return to the New World: Half-face.
Once Françoise is married and settled she begins to see a phantom, a highly scarred man in voyageur dress who appears suddenly in the background, studying her, then disappears with equal suddenness. Eventually he appears at her home, he is Guy, alive though terribly scarred from his near death struggle with the Iroquois. He approaches her when she is alone with her infant son. You will need to read the story for the rest. It’s too good to give away. Read More 
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Half-Face comes to camp
Book Thirteen: Half-Face part one: As I noted in a previous post, the early life of Françoise Grenier-Langlois, is very scant in historical literature, but it seems relatively clear that she appears very early in French-Canadian History when she and Noël Langlois are wed in the third marriage of Québec history and proceed to produce a large family of early leaders of Canada. I used my creative license to flesh-out her early history as a waif of the streets of Paris who is swept off her feet by an older man with many rough edges. He spirits her to the new world in its very early years where he bands with renegade courier-des-bois and turns young Françoise’s life into hell.
She is only rescued when this man (Guy) is said to be killed by Iroquois, leaving Françoise free to forge friendships with some of the more reputable Québécoise eventually causing her to be returned to France and a better life with her new friends. When she returns five years later, she finds her old abuser is still around when he returns to cause trouble. Read More 
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