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Pontiac's War

After the fall of French Canada to the British in 1760, the native and French people of Détroit were uncertain of their future. As the British presence became more prominent, the Indians began to lose the standing they once had with the French. Pontiac was a shrewd leader and at one point during the conflict controlled most of the Great Lakes Region. There were Frenchmen in Détroit with loyalties to each side. Most had sympathies with the Indians but realized the ultimate outcome. As a result most remained aloof. I believe my description of events is fairly accurate. Read More 
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St. Clair Flats

More Book Four: The Voyageur
On return Jacques remains in Détroit with the family of Henri-Pierre. During the next few years the boys travel to the frontier with Charbonneau and later form their own group to trap and trade northern Lake Saint Clair and the Saint Clair Flats. In 1773 Détroit is adjusting to British rule when Pontiac’s rebellion breaks all tranquility for three years. Read More 
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Voyageurs Route West

Following the old voyageur river trail to the Ohio our heroes arrive at St. Louis, the last real outpost. From there they take the Missouri River to the Great Falls in what is now Montana. During this time the boys learn trapping, trading and the ways of the Native Americans of the West with no small amount of adventure, danger, and some teenage romance. Read More 
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Landing in Detroit

Eventually the two canoes arrive at the Straits of Détroit. Little more than a fort and trading post at this time, it will remain the home of the Allards for the remainder of the Allard Series. Here they take on more men including Henri-Pierre de Baptiste, the grandson of old Joseph. He and Jacques Allard are destined to become life-long companions as they depart from Antoine Cadillac’s city in the wilderness for the true frontier and lands seen by few if any white men. Read More 
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Crossing Niagara

Book Four: The Voyageur 1761-1803, opens on Jacques Allard learning to navigate the Niagara River as he approaches the daunting portage of the falls. He and his life-long friend, Louis Renaud are tutored by the famous voyageur, Jean-Baptiste Charbonneau and Joseph, the aged native friend of the Allards. It is here the boys began to learn the wonder and danger of the wild as they hone their new skills while crossing one of the most daunting of nature’s marvels. Read More 
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