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The New Church

17th Century Quebec
Notre-Dame de la Paix
In 1634-Return to the New World, the church, Notre-Dame de la Recouvrance burned to the ground. It took several years to rebuild it in stone and not until Christmas day 1646 was the new structure, Notre-Dame de la Paix open. Unseasonably mild weather made it a perfect day for the populous to celebrate the first mass in the new Church. Read More 
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The Langlois

Ship from Perche
Robert Langlois:
Several Langlois appear in the early records of Québec. It is a common name in Normand France and as many as 36 Langlois can be found in various early Québec records and genealogies. There is great discussion as to the accuracy of much of this and questions such as: were some natives who took the name? Are some multiples of the same person? And are some totally false. I have chosen to use five: Two men: Francois hero of the two books and his odd brother, Jean the sea captain who appears periodically. Three women: Marguerite married to the ship’s captain, Abraham Martin, Francoise married to Pierre Desportes and Marie Langlois married to Jean Juchereau, financier of the enterprise. Read More 
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Anne de Noue

Anne de Noue found in ice
August 11, 2017
Along with the many tales told by Benoît and Berniet, I could not resist the odd story of Anne de Noue. This elderly priest, a son of a nobleman came to Québec in 1626. He traveled about Canada studying native language and preaching to the natives. In January 1643, the elderly and likely senile prelate set out in poor weather from Trois-Rivières to preach to a native community. When he failed to arrive or return, it was thought he had been captured by Iroquois. Days later his frozen body was found lying on his back with his arms crosses, his eyes frozen open looking at the sky. Although his death was eventually called accidental, there was still a fear he had fallen afoul of the Iroquois, raising the fear of native attacks. Read More 
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The Rascal Philosophers
Benoît and Berniet: Those of you who have read 1634: Return to the New World have already met these two loveable backwoods voyageurs and philosophers. In The Beaver Wars they take on a larger role, exploring the wilderness, dealing with all tribes and returning periodically to the Lower Town pub, the Terre Sauvage, to drink to excess and report to the residents of Québec, intelligence from the wilderness, what the natives are planning, and how it could be handled. Read More 
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