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Marguerite Bourgeoys - In Canada

The Allards Book One: The New World
April 7, 2018
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Once her school was running, Marguerite made her first trip back to France to begin Les filles du roi, or the King’s daughters, girls sent to Canada with the aid of the King to provide more women and mothers for the new colony (at this time mainly male). It has been said these girls were poor and orphaned, but closer scrutiny shows they came from all walks of life including several young ladies of means with education. At any rate, this group did become the Mothers of Canada, and most French Canadians can trace their heritage to one, or many of these ladies. They make their first showing in The Beaver Wars but much more can be found in my first novel THE ALLARDS BOOK ONE, THE NEW WORLD. (more about this next week). Read More 
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