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Marguerite Bourgeoys - and Les Filles du roi

Les Filles du roi
Les Filles du Roi: The King’s Daughter’s or Girls are possibly the most interesting group of souls to ever cross the Atlantic to the New World. In response to Quebec’s lack of marriageable women, King Louis XIV arranged for approximately 750 marriageable women to be sent to New France between 1663 and 1673. Chosen and endorsed by the local parish priest, these women (most between 12 and 25 years) came from a cross section of French society ranging from destitute orphans to children of privilege. Each came with the recommendation of the priest, some essentials provided by the crown and whatever items their family could spare—from sizeable dowries to nothing at all.
After braving the adventure at sea, they were housed in dormitories (Maison Saint- Gabriel in Montreal is a worthwhile visit.) They attended meetings at the convent where marriageable men would come to visit. If a suitable match was found, a contract was made by the Notary (attorneys were forbidden in Quebec). These contracts along with their information from home provided the girls with a documented history still available and unrivaled in New World immigration records. There are several good references available. I found King’s Daughters and Founding Mothers by Peter J. Gagné most helpful. Read More 
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