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Indian Raids II

It was just such a raid by the Iroquois on the Allard’s home village of Charlesbourg. This raid begins the action in Book Two: The Hunter. While out hunting, young Jean-Baptiste Allard and Joseph happen upon the raiding party. More from luck than skill, the boys thwart the effort and are regarded as heroes. You will have to read the book to discover how, but this notoriety drives much of their young adult lives. Read More 
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Indian Raids

Indian raids were common in both the French and English Colonies, and they were often related to the alliances between the two native groups and the two European colonies. Several famous raids are part of the stories and are found as late as Book Five: The City in the Wilderness. A few are well-known like the wars of Pontiac and Tecumseh and more are less renowned but equally interesting. Read More 
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