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More Iroquois

Iroquois Warriors
July 7, 2018
Eventually, the French soldiers realized this was not the open plains of Europe with soldiers lining up on each side. Here the natives were invisible in the forest, and European techniques were of little use. So Abraham Martin and other French-Canadians began to school them in the art of Quebec war. They began to understand, but it would be a good long while before they could subdue any Iroquois. COMING NEXT WEEK, THE NEXT BOOK: PHILOMENE'S DOLL Read More 
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The Louvre, fortress or palace

The Louvre as seen today
May 26, 2018
The Louvre: Originally a fortress, the Louvre in Paris was converted to a palace in 1546. During the time of The Beaver Wars, it was the Palace of the King and it was here Louis IV first reigned, and here Pierre Boucher met with dignitaries during his time in Paris. It was not until 1682 that Louis moved his court to Versailles, we will discuss that another time. Image: The Louvre as a museum as seen today. Read More 
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Thanks to the St. Clair County Library Board

SCS Library
May 20, 2018
Many thanks to the Port Huron Library for inviting me to speak on my books. I was pleased and astounded at the audience. (I guess there wasn’t much else to do in Port Huron, ha, ha. I chose to speak on how I became an author, and maybe should have spent more time on the books. Following the talk, I was quite pleased by the degree of interest in the books and the number of attendees who had read one, some, or all of them.
I am back in town and plan to be back on the Beaver Wars next week. Read More 
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The Beaver Wars

The Beaver Wars
The Beaver Wars: The English colonies shared the interest in furs early in their colonial life. The French traded with the northern tribes, Algonquin, Huron, and others, while the English trade was generally with the more southern tribes like the Iroquois. As the beaver became scarce, the trappers moved inland, but soon the Iroquois lands were out of beaver, causing the tribes to north, into the traditional lands of the northern tribe. The Algonquin/Huron tribes were traditionally less friendly with the Iroquois, and as the beaver trade became competitive, this competitiveness turned to hostilities, and tribal battles increased in frequency as well as violence beginning what has been called “The Beaver Wars” and it is in this setting the second book of the series is set. Read More 
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