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Trois Rivieres today
In response to Montmagny’s release of Iroquois prisoners, the tall and handsome Iroquois Chief, Kiotsaton, appears at the docks of Trois-Rivières. Commandant Champfleur hurries to the dock where he greets the great chief who turns out to be a man difficult to best in negotiation. They do settle on a temporary truce and to meet later to negotiate prisoner exchange and terms. As the Iroquois leave Trois-Rivières Champfleur hopes for good things to come. Unfortunately it will not be as easy as he hopes. Read More 
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Native hostilities

The Battle begins
July 22, 2017: Indian hostilities. In early spring 1645, an Algonquin brave named Piskaret took six braves and canoed boldly down the Richelieu River where they ambushed a group of Iroquois fishermen, killing some and taking prisoners to Sillery near Québec. Here he put them in the protection of Governor Montmagny to negotiate a prisoner exchange with the Iroquois for Algonquin prisoners. The Governor hoped he could use this to negotiate a peace in the emerging hostilities between the two tribes. He could not have been more wrong. Read More 
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