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Book Eight: The Chief

I guess it’s time to leave THE WITCH and the nineteenth century behind and enter the twentieth. Here is the trailer:
At the turn of the 20th Century, Moses Allard’s first born son, Diddy, dies, but not before leaving a lifelong impression on his young brother, Abe, who grows up preferring fishing, duck hunting and ice boats to the family farm. Marrying Julia Forton from another early French farming family, Abe joins the police at the onset of WWI where he cuts his teeth on the early days of Prohibition and Detroit’s famous Purple Gang.
Abe’s only child, Gladys, is raised by a father who desperately longs for a son in the lakeside farming community as it enters the age of suburbia. Marrying and starting her own family, Gladys lives in an exciting era encompassing Prohibition, the Great Depression, two world wars, and the emergence of Detroit as the Motor City.
The last in a series of eight historical novels, The Chief continues to bring history to life through the eyes of one family and to be for French-Canadians what Roots is for African-Americans, but readers need not have French-Canadian heritage or be from Detroit to love these books. Read More 
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