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Upper North America, 1628: Françoise Grenier’s life had been a combination of bad circumstances, worse luck and even poorer choices. Orphaned near Paris at the age of twelve, she became a street urchin. At fifteen she fell in with an older man who convinced her to follow him to the new world of Québec where he would marry her. Instead he abused her. Only when he failed to return from trading with the natives and she heard they had killed him, did she find herself liberated.
Taken in by the few women of Québec, she was just recovering when English privateers captured the failing colony, sending its few inhabitants, including Françoise, back to France. One of the ladies gave her a letter to deliver in France which led her to a new life, allowing her to return to help rebuild the colony five years later. It was here she prospered, beginning one of the early prominent families of Canada, helping to forge a great nation from the frozen wilderness.
If you enjoyed Fearful Passage North, The Allards Series, and the author’s ability to bring history to life, you will love this one. Read More 
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I have been away for two weeks doing research. 1634 RETURN TO THE NEW WORLD is now available in print and kindle through Readers who have questions about the characters, events, etc. in this new historical fiction action novel can ask them on my website, or e-mail I will try to answer them from time to time on my blog at the website or on Facebook, Wilmont Kreis Author. Next week I will return to Book Eight: The Chief. Read More 
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