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The End of Champlain

Champlain as he stands today in Quebec
Book Thirteen: The death of Champlain: The father of Canada, Samuel Champlain’s life was filled with fits and starts, triumphs and defeat, advancement and decline. In truth, Canada at the time of his demise was not markedly different from its state when he founded Québec in 1608. The primary difference was that with the arrival of the Percheron express with a few real families, Champlain left the small seeds of success at the time of his death on Christmas day 1635.
From this point you can follow the growth of French Canada through the end of this book, to The Beaver Wars, due out in a month or so, followed by The Allard Series: Book One: The New World, Book Two: The Hunter, and Book Three: Peace and War, all available in Print or on Kindle through Amazon.Com. Read More 
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