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The Bard

1703 or 1704???

The long march

Who/What? Is Andrew?

The Raid

Old Deerfield Road

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St. Clair Flats


Father Gabriel Richard

Woodward's plan for new Detroit

Seal of Detroit

Sacagawea's Child

Toussaint Charbonneau

Route of Lewis and Clark

Statue of Antoine Cadillac, Detroit

Lewis and Clark Journal

Book Five


Hamtramck takes control of Detroit for America

Anthony Wayne

Battle of Saratoga

Brown's Tavern on Harsens Island

Chief Pontiac

The St. Clair Flats, Lake St. Clair

Voyageurs route west

Old Detroit seen from across the Detroit River

Niagara Falls

Detroit Public Library home of Burton Collection

Old Detroit seen from across the Detroit River

The Maroon Bells

The walk to Longshot

The stack from hell

Sleeping Ariadne

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The most expensive route



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Old Citadel of Quebec

General Braddock

Forks of the Ohio River

Michigan Habitant Heritage

Vérendrye monument

Pierre Roy


Book Three: Peace and War

Detroit today

LaSalle's Boat: The Griffin

Replica of old Fort Michillimackinac today. Mackinac Bridge came later.

Antoine Cadillac

Charlesbourg, Quebec St. Charles de Bromee Cemetery Today

Book Five: The City in the Wilderness

Relations of the Jesuits

Jesuits in Quebec


The Allards Book Two: The Hunter

Opiates can ruin lives

Coming Next The Pain Doc

An old home near the Cass Corridor that gave me the inspiration for the Tower Light Mission.

Detroit Public Library, Main Branch

Department of Justice

Hilberry Theater on Wayne State University campus

A treasure on the Cass Corridor

From the Cass Corridor

The Corridor

Book Seven: The Witch

Book Eight: The Chief

Francois* Allard

Quebec City

Detroit Public Library, Main Branch

Driving force of New France - The beaver

Winter in Quebec

Madeleine de Roybon with the Filles de Roi

Les Filles de Roi

Artanne sur Indre: Church and Abbey

Artannes sur Indre

Filles de Roi in 1667

Here is an idealized painting of Les Filles du Roi arriving in Quebec.

Cliffs of Etretat, last view of France as Francois sails to the New World.

Charnel house and old plague cemetery, Rouen, Normandie, France.

Researching in Blacqueville



February 1, 2015

Tags: Book Five, Cholera

Just as life is good for the young Allards, a minor war begins in the Chicago area with the Indian chief, Blackhawk. A group of soldiers from the war travel through Detroit and with them comes Cholera. The subsequent epidemic kills many residents including Gabriel Richard and Louis-Pierre Allard leaving his 27 year-old widow with eight children to face the future in The Allards Book Six: The Medallion. Stay tuned!

St. Clair Flats

January 4, 2015

Tags: Book Five, St. Clair Flats

Jacques Allard dies ice fishing in 1814 and Louis-Pierre finds work as hunting and fishing guide in the St. Clair Flats for the new wave of rich business men coming to the new city. In 1822 he marries his long term love, Therese Balard, and they began their own farm and family. As Cadillac’s City in the Wilderness continues to prosper, the young Allards prosper with eight children in ten years.

Indian Wars and War or 1812

December 28, 2014

Tags: Book Five, Indian Wars, Tecumseh, 1812

As Detroit begins to prosper, it is interrupted by the Indian wars with Tecumseh and the War of 1812. The Indian twins, Michel and Lucien have lived with the Allards since the death of their father and the family is torn apart as Michel sides with the Americans and Michel with the Indians.

Gabriel Richard

December 21, 2014

Tags: Book Five, Detroit fire, rebuilding, Gabriel Richard

Father Gabriel Richard was undoubtedly the most revered man in the city, and one year after his arrival, the obstreperous Augustus Woodward was the most despised. Oddly enough, the two men got along famously and proceeded to make Detroit “arise from the ashes”. Woodward’s proposed plan of the new city can still be seen in the streets of Detroit today. In spring of 1807, Woodward visited many French citizens including Jacques Allard. His report to President Jefferson on these bizarre and enigmatic French habitants is classic and found in chapter 19 of the book.

Rebuilding Detroit

December 17, 2014

Tags: Book Five, Detroit fire, rebuilding

Soon after the Detroit fire of 1805, four men arrived in Detroit Harbor. As they had left Washington before news of the disaster, they were shocked at what they found. All sent by President Jefferson, William Hull was to be Governor of the new Michigan Territory, Stanley Griswold, Secretary of the Territory, Fredrick Bates, Supreme Court Justice, and Augustus Woodward Chief Justice. Of the four disappointed men, Woodward would have by far the greatest effect on Cadillac’s old village.

Detroit Burns

December 14, 2014

Tags: Book Five, Detroit fire

Two years from their departure, Jacques and the three boys return to Detroit only to find it in ruins. They soon land and learn that one year ago a barn fire spread through the city leaving only one warehouse building standing within the city proper. Gabriel Richard, the French priest and spiritual leader of the city had been considering his return to France the night of the fire, but in the morning, examining the devastation, he deemed it a sign from God that he remain. Exploring the ashes, he remembered a verse he was obligated to memorized in the seminary, “Speramus meliora; resurget cineribus.” We hope for better things; it will arise from the ashes.” This phrase is now the motto of Detroit found on the city seal.

Sacagawea's Child

December 10, 2014

Tags: Book Five, Lewis and Clark, Sacagawea

Reaching the large village of the Mandan Indians in October during a blinding snowstorm, Jacques and Drouillard find the inebriated Toussaint Charbonneau along with his Indian wife who is at that moment giving birth. One of the most outrageous characters from history, Toussaint makes this already interesting voyage much more so. His wife, Sacagawea who he claims to have won in a poker game, is more help to the voyage than her voyageur husband. She and her then newborn son, Jean-Baptiste are immortalized on the one-dollar American coin. The best and most interesting account of them can be found in the wonderful book, Sacagawea’s Child by Susan M. Colby. You can get it on Amazon.

Toussaint Charbonneau

December 7, 2014

Tags: Book Five, Toussaint Charbonneau

Along the famous voyage they have numerous experiences exciting, terrifying, excruciatingly difficult and sometimes humorous arriving back in civilization two years later with the loss of only one life. Early in the voyage, Jacques tells Lewis there is only one man who knows the way to the Northwest Passage, Toussaint Charbonneau, the son of Jacques’ old teacher. Unfortunately, no one knows of his whereabouts or even if he is alive.

Lewis and Clark Route

December 4, 2014

Tags: Book Five, Lewis and Clark

Book five follows the famous voyage of Lewis and Clark as seen through the eyes of old Jacques Allard. Beginning in Lake St. Clair, they travel to Lake Erie, down the Ohio River to the Mississippi River and St. Louis then up the Missouri River where they meet the expedition. From there they continue up the Missouri and westward through terrain never seen by white men. (Well, maybe one). Encountering brutal winter, giant waterfalls, attacks by bears and encounters with natives hostile and friendly, they finally arrive in view of the Pacific Ocean.

Lewis and Clark

November 30, 2014

Tags: Book Five, Cadillac, City in the Wilderness, Lewis and Clark

Although he is facing his 58th birthday, Jacques Allard is as active as ever. So when his friend, the great Indian translator, Georges Drouillard, appears with prospects for the greatest adventure in American history, Jacques agrees instantly. Against his wife’s judgment, he proposes to take his young son, Louis-Pierre, and his two metis or mixed-blood friends Lucien and Michel de Baptiste. The story of their travels with Lewis and Clark follow closely the descriptions in Lewis’s excellent diary. With some fun added by yours truly.

The Allards Book Five: The City in the Wilderness

November 23, 2014

Tags: Book Five, Cadillac, City in the Wilderness

By the grace of Almighty God, I claim these lands for his majesty the King of France, and today on her feast day, I dedicate this church to the patron saint of New France, Sainte-Anne. And I hereby christen this fort “Fort Pontchartrain du Détroit.” It is here I shall build a city in the wilderness.
Antoine Lamothe Sieur de Cadillac: July 26, 1701
It was with this speech Cadillac began what would later become the Motor City and arsenal of democracy, but would linger as a frontier outpost for a century. Book Five covers the beginning of its emergence as a great American city.

The Allards Book Five: The City in the Wilderness

November 16, 2014

Tags: Book Five, trailer

Old Jacques Allard and his young son, Louis-Pierre, are invited to participate in the grandest American wilderness adventure of them all, to travel west with Lewis and Clark in search of the Northwest Passage to the sea. Returning two years later, they find their city in ruins following the great Detroit fire of 1805.
The epic rebirth of a new city in the wilderness is hampered first by the War of 1812 and finally the world-wide cholera epidemic of 1832. It is during this time that Detroit is transfigured from a military outpost to a true city. Historical figures such as Meriwether Lewis, Augustus Woodward, and Gabriel Richard are accurately portrayed but with the author’s own touch of personalization.
All of Dr. Kreis’ books are available in print and Kindle format on

The City in the Wilderness

November 9, 2014

Tags: Book Five

At the close of the story, Georges Drouillard, a young yet renowned interpreter whose father traveled with Jacques in the early days with Charbonneau, approaches Jacques about a new and even greater adventure. This leads us into Book Five: The City in the Wilderness.

Selected Works

French-Canadian-Detroit history
Here it comes: Philomene’s Doll Six years after the American Civil War ended, six-year-old Philomene sees her mother die horribly in childbirth. Soon she is sent from her home near Detroit to Belle-River, Canada, where, following a series of moves to various families and convents, she ultimately finds a stable home near the place of her birth and marries a young man. Together they build a successful farm and begin a family. We follow her through Prohibition, the Great Depression, and two World Wars, raising a large and varied family through the best and the worst of times. All along, she is comforted and stimulated by a simple rag doll that was the single great gift of her childhood. Based on a true story, it’s a tale of the highest and lowest points of a long life. You will not want to miss it! If you enjoyed 1634-Return to the New World, The Beaver Wars, Fearful Passage North, The Allard Series, or other novels by Dr. Kreis, you will love this one.
Historical Fiction Novel
Gravely wounded at the end of 1634-Return to the New World, Françoise Langlois must fight for her life while the fledgling French colony of Québec must fight for its as the Indian nations enlarge their wars with each other along their new European neighbors. Follow Françoise along with her French-Canadian compatriots as they struggle against all odds to retain and grow their place in the New World.
Historical fiction novel.
An enigmatic young woman emerges from a life of bad circumstances and worse luck, finding herself with a small group of French families traveling to the New world where they will prosper as the early prominent families of Canada.
Historical fiction
1704, the Puritan Massachusetts frontier: The small village of newly wed Elizabeth Price is raided by Indians. She is taken along with 100 of her neighbors and marched through the brutal snows of winter to Montreal where she must begin a new life.
Fiction, Medical intrigue
Convinced they are receiving the finest of care, seniors are being trapped in an inescapable maze while Medicare is being bilked for billions.
Greed and lust breed outrageous healthcare fraud in the rich suburbs of The Motor City.
Fast-paced thriller of outrageous healthcare fraud set in Detroit's inner city.
A young man leaves his home in France for the unknown wilderness of Quebec.
Historical Fiction
Jean-Baptiste Allard follows Antoine Cadillac to the frontiers of New France.
The Allard family battles in vain to save Quebec from the British.
Young Jacques Allard leaves Quebec forever to follow the wilderness ultimately making his family home in the outpost of Detroit.
Jacques Allard and his son follow Lewis and Clark to the sea, returning to find Detroit in ashes.
Young widow, Therese Allard, finds romance and adventure while helping to build Detroit's famous Underground Railroad.
Detroit's young men march off to join the Civil War, returning to began the Industrial Revolution
Detroit during Prohibition, the Great Depression and two World Wars becomes the Motor City.

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