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The Bard

1703 or 1704???

The long march

Who/What? Is Andrew?

The Raid

Old Deerfield Road

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St. Clair Flats


Father Gabriel Richard

Woodward's plan for new Detroit

Seal of Detroit

Sacagawea's Child

Toussaint Charbonneau

Route of Lewis and Clark

Statue of Antoine Cadillac, Detroit

Lewis and Clark Journal

Book Five


Hamtramck takes control of Detroit for America

Anthony Wayne

Battle of Saratoga

Brown's Tavern on Harsens Island

Chief Pontiac

The St. Clair Flats, Lake St. Clair

Voyageurs route west

Old Detroit seen from across the Detroit River

Niagara Falls

Detroit Public Library home of Burton Collection

Old Detroit seen from across the Detroit River

The Maroon Bells

The walk to Longshot

The stack from hell

Sleeping Ariadne

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The most expensive route



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Old Citadel of Quebec

General Braddock

Forks of the Ohio River

Michigan Habitant Heritage

Vérendrye monument

Pierre Roy


Book Three: Peace and War

Detroit today

LaSalle's Boat: The Griffin

Replica of old Fort Michillimackinac today. Mackinac Bridge came later.

Antoine Cadillac

Charlesbourg, Quebec St. Charles de Bromee Cemetery Today

Book Five: The City in the Wilderness

Relations of the Jesuits

Jesuits in Quebec


The Allards Book Two: The Hunter

Opiates can ruin lives

Coming Next The Pain Doc

An old home near the Cass Corridor that gave me the inspiration for the Tower Light Mission.

Detroit Public Library, Main Branch

Department of Justice

Hilberry Theater on Wayne State University campus

A treasure on the Cass Corridor

From the Cass Corridor

The Corridor

Book Seven: The Witch

Book Eight: The Chief

Francois* Allard

Quebec City

Detroit Public Library, Main Branch

Driving force of New France - The beaver

Winter in Quebec

Madeleine de Roybon with the Filles de Roi

Les Filles de Roi

Artanne sur Indre: Church and Abbey

Artannes sur Indre

Filles de Roi in 1667

Here is an idealized painting of Les Filles du Roi arriving in Quebec.

Cliffs of Etretat, last view of France as Francois sails to the New World.

Charnel house and old plague cemetery, Rouen, Normandie, France.

Researching in Blacqueville



July 31, 2013

Tags: The Pain Doc, Opiates, sales and marketing

Marketing: I have been asked if my portrayal of drug and implement representatives is overstated. It may be in some cases, but in others, I feel it is on the mark. Even though the pharmaceutical business is generally ethical and highly regulated, they are businesses and the goal of business is to sell its product. As in other industries, the salesmen are frequently compensated by the volume of the sales. As a young orthopedic resident, I remember a drug rep assuring me that Valium was in no way addictive. I have never had a rep caution me that their product was too dangerous. Although the regulators have tried to control it, incentives like, dinners, trips and gifts still abound for receptive physicians. If you have an opportunity to peruse a medical journal, especially one on pain management, look at the ads. Are they very different from those we saw ten years ago from the tobacco industry?

Tolerence and addiction

July 28, 2013

Tags: The Pain Doc, Opiates, addiction

Tolerance and addiction: As one consumes opiates, one develops some level of tolerance. That is to say they require more medicine to produce the same effect. At the same time an addiction occurs making it increasingly more difficult to lower the dose or discontinue the medicine altogether. In chronic pain situation it is very common to hear the plea uttered by Derrick Forton, “I need more!”

More on opiates

July 24, 2013

Tags: The Pain Doc, Opiates

Trends in opiate use: When I first practiced orthopedics, outpatient pain medicine generally included codeine, Darvon, Tylenol, and aspirin. In my opinion, patients did rather well with these medicines. As time went on, stronger (and more dangerous) drugs reached the market and names like Dilaudid, Demerol, Vicodin, Lortab, Oxycontin, and Fentanyl emerged and have seen increased use annually. As these medicines became more widely used they became more available via appropriate and inappropriate sources. Now I regularly see patients with relatively simple injuries who state, “I just took a couple of my wife’s Vicodin. This appalls me. Worse yet, they are becoming available to children. Teens often find a ready source of these dangerous narcotics in grandma’s medicine chest ready for their personal use, or sale on the streets.


July 21, 2013

Tags: The Pain Doc, Opiates

Opiates are a class of drugs used in medicine primarily to relieve pain. I do not pretend to be an expert in pharmacology, but over many years of medical study and treatment of patients with painful orthopedic conditions, I can certainly speak from experience. In addition to pain relief, opiates also cause drowsiness, and frequently euphoria. They are potentially dangerous and can be deadly. They certainly have an addictive potential in many people.

The Pain Doc, Derrick Forton

July 17, 2013

Tags: The Pain Doc, Derrick Forton

An upstanding, hardworking member of the community, Derrick Forton is the centerpiece patient in The Pain Doc. Through no fault of his own, he sustains a severe life-changing injury. His life is changed by the injury but in the final analysis is ruined by opiates.


July 14, 2013

Tags: The Pain Doc, Opiates, Pain Doctors

The Pain Docfeatures four pain doctors three of whom have lost their way. The exception is Joe Brownstone who is content taking good care of patients for a comfortable living. Make no mistake, in my opinion he represents the vast majority of physicians today. The other three started this way but faltered. Terry Webb was lured to the sirens of money and social prominence. Luis Martinez was sidetracked by issues confronting foreign physicians, and Bernard Koplinger was seduced by the green fairy of opiates. More about opiates to come…

The Pain Doc

July 10, 2013

Tags: The Pain Doc

Having practiced Orthopedic Surgery for the past few decades, I can say with some authority that the most common presenting complaint of orthopedic patients is pain of some sort—pain from fractures, arthritis, infection, and a myriad of other causes. In general, the role of the orthopedist is diagnosing the source of the pain and treating that source. Over the past several years, however, we have seen pain emerge as a disease entity where treatment of the pain is the primary goal.
Pain management has emerged as a subspecialty from, physical medicine and rehabilitation, neurology and anesthesiology, and its growth has been nothing short of explosive. As with any rapidly expanding field, new technology both diagnostic and therapeutic has appeared in leaps and bounds and as with any such meteoric growth, it is difficult to tell the worthwhile from the worthless for both the practitioner as well as the patient, especially when desperate patients and large amounts of money are involved.
This is the setting of my latest work, The Pain Doc.

The Pain Doc

July 7, 2013

Tags: The Pain Doc

The Pain Docis now available for viewing, purchasing in print or on Kindle as well as reviewing on Here’s the trailer and cover.
Arriving home after years of foreign medical study, neophyte physician Terry Webb expects his impressive new title of Doctor will open his insignificant and impoverished life to one of riches and social status. Dismayed to discover that mediocre credentials stand in his way, he finds entry into that sphere of wealth and prominence he has long coveted through a chance meeting with a fascinatingly beautiful woman.
While he and the spectacular Katarina Wynn catapult into the world of mansions, yachts and outrageous incomes, they collect a few unsavory companions as the author leaves The Corridor’s slums of Detroit for the cleaner venue of prosperous suburbs. Here he weaves an exciting and instructive tale in the world of medical fraud and prescription drug addiction where once again it is the job of Gillian Russell and Nicole Allard to intervene, bringing it to justice.

If you enjoyed The Corridor, you will love The Pain Doc—don’t miss it!

Shands Manor

July 4, 2013

Tags: The Corridor, Shands Manor

While researching The Chief, I scoured the lakefront in search of a likely candidate and did find a few large homes in ruins which had been gated and sat at the end of long overgrown lots. It was here the manor—home of the racketeer, Simon Shands, was born. The mansion also plays a part in my newest work, The Pain Doc.

Selected Works

French-Canadian-Detroit history
Here it comes: Philomene’s Doll Six years after the American Civil War ended, six-year-old Philomene sees her mother die horribly in childbirth. Soon she is sent from her home near Detroit to Belle-River, Canada, where, following a series of moves to various families and convents, she ultimately finds a stable home near the place of her birth and marries a young man. Together they build a successful farm and begin a family. We follow her through Prohibition, the Great Depression, and two World Wars, raising a large and varied family through the best and the worst of times. All along, she is comforted and stimulated by a simple rag doll that was the single great gift of her childhood. Based on a true story, it’s a tale of the highest and lowest points of a long life. You will not want to miss it! If you enjoyed 1634-Return to the New World, The Beaver Wars, Fearful Passage North, The Allard Series, or other novels by Dr. Kreis, you will love this one.
Historical Fiction Novel
Gravely wounded at the end of 1634-Return to the New World, Françoise Langlois must fight for her life while the fledgling French colony of Québec must fight for its as the Indian nations enlarge their wars with each other along their new European neighbors. Follow Françoise along with her French-Canadian compatriots as they struggle against all odds to retain and grow their place in the New World.
Historical fiction novel.
An enigmatic young woman emerges from a life of bad circumstances and worse luck, finding herself with a small group of French families traveling to the New world where they will prosper as the early prominent families of Canada.
Historical fiction
1704, the Puritan Massachusetts frontier: The small village of newly wed Elizabeth Price is raided by Indians. She is taken along with 100 of her neighbors and marched through the brutal snows of winter to Montreal where she must begin a new life.
Fiction, Medical intrigue
Convinced they are receiving the finest of care, seniors are being trapped in an inescapable maze while Medicare is being bilked for billions.
Greed and lust breed outrageous healthcare fraud in the rich suburbs of The Motor City.
Fast-paced thriller of outrageous healthcare fraud set in Detroit's inner city.
A young man leaves his home in France for the unknown wilderness of Quebec.
Historical Fiction
Jean-Baptiste Allard follows Antoine Cadillac to the frontiers of New France.
The Allard family battles in vain to save Quebec from the British.
Young Jacques Allard leaves Quebec forever to follow the wilderness ultimately making his family home in the outpost of Detroit.
Jacques Allard and his son follow Lewis and Clark to the sea, returning to find Detroit in ashes.
Young widow, Therese Allard, finds romance and adventure while helping to build Detroit's famous Underground Railroad.
Detroit's young men march off to join the Civil War, returning to began the Industrial Revolution
Detroit during Prohibition, the Great Depression and two World Wars becomes the Motor City.

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